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FinServ Consulting Group is the dba of Atlanta based FinServ Consulting & Recruiting, LLC. We provide Recruiting, Training, Branding, Technology, Coaching and Business Consulting Services for Retail Financial Advisors.


We are a unique team of financial services professionals with diverse backgrounds across the industry. We understand the subtleties of the business. The collaborative nature of our team is a viable solution for many aspects of individual, partners/groups and corporate business needs..



We are always eager to hear from both existing and potential clients. Contact us today to find out all the many ways Finserv CG can both help you operate with greater efficiency and also expand your market share... all to improve profitability.


(O) 404-228-6303  (M) 404-964-9933   Email:tjorourke@comcast.net

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The Process

Are you underestimating the amount of change that is taking place in the investment industry or overestimating it? It’s a binary question.


There is so much going on today both on the regulatory side, as well on the consumer side that it’s amazing that nobody is trying to strip out all the noise, which is what FINSERV does as a consulting and recruiting organization. We talk to a lot of industry professionals and get many different perspectives to get to what exactly is going on. We utilize our experience, coupled with others to help our clients make informed decisions. If you’re not thinking three to five years in advance, you may not have a practice in five to 10 years.


Some of the smartest people in the world are trying to understand the implications of what’s happening in the investment industry on a global basis. This shift that is taking place is Huge and you must pay attention in order to survive.



Navigating In A Changing Industry

We are not your typical independent recruiting organization. We also help our clients with their businesses. Whether you’re looking to move your practice/office to another B-D, another platform, transition your practice, move to a different custodian, talk to us. We are thinking every day how we can better serve our clients and their needs.


We are different. We have many resources and will shoot you straight. Call us today at 404-964-9933



We Are Different

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